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E-commerce Website Development London

E-commerce Website Development London
Online Store Development Agency London

E-Commerce Website Agency For Small & Medium Businesses

We build custom store experiences designed to captivate customers, drive sales and maximise profits

In a post pandemic world, online stores have become more lucrative and necessary than ever. Getting it wrong can be costly, but success in a challenging and competitive market place can be hugely rewarding. 

At Channel Creatives we have over a decade of experience building tailor made online shopping experiences. We build from the ground up with the customer journey at the heart of every decision. With an in house digital marketing team, SEO experts and creative media department, we have a wealth of knowledge all across the board. We can take concepts and develop them into fully fledged brands, or bring a fresh outlook to an existing company wanting to scale their online presence. 

Ecommerce Solutions London

Custom Ecommerce Experiences

Kick Start Your Growth Today With Our Online Store Experts

Building an e-commerce store is only the start. To achieve notable success online, in a hugely competitive market, every single aspect of the customer journey must be considered. One huge advantage we have over other e-commerce website building agencies is our wide range of expertise across the board. We have over a decade of proven success building brands from the ground up. By producing beautiful, visual product imagery, captivating video, engaging motion graphic advertisements and consistent graphic design branding in house, we consistently see incredible results and exponential growth.

Consistent messaging is vital to build brand trust and loyalty. Our in house graphic design team are experts at creating beautiful imagery across all mediums.

What makes you different from other e-commerce site builders?

We don't just focus on the technical aspect of building an online store. Any website is part of a much larger process. Success will only come online with a clear and targeted marketing plan, consistent branding and language throughout your social sites, powerful product imagery, incorporation of engaging video (proven to improve bounce rate, attract more customers and drink higher sales) and a business plan that always has the customer in mind. We build incredible e-commerce client experiences using our expertise in digital marketing. Having an in house Search Engine Optimisation team is a huge bonus for organic reach, and our Hosting and Support mean that once our initial work is finished, we're always there if you need assistance.  

Who do you build e-commerce sites for?

We build e-commerce sites for a large range of companies ranging from large corporations looking to implement new online store solutions into their websites, existing e-commerce sites, retailers and small independent shops. We don't discriminate and work with budgets small and large. Part of being a creative is finding new solutions to old challenges. We especially enjoy taking a fledgling company from the ground up and building their online store presence over time. There's something incredibly exciting about being part of that journey.

Where do you host your e-commerce stores?

We work with a variety of different solutions. We have over a decade of experience tailoring online store experiences, and no two solutions are ever identical. We are experts in some of the most popular hosting platforms, including Shopify Plus, Magento and WooCommerce.

What else is important to look out for when building an online store?

Integration with Google shopping and Merchant centre is now key to any online store experience. Google's backend can be difficult to navigate for an inexperienced user, and linking all components of your store to the merchant centre listing, both for Google Shopping and Google Ads can be a painstaking process. It is also common for Google to suspend and even permanently ban stores from their ecosystem, which can lead to devastating impacts on any business. It is imperative to work with an expert when setting up a store for the first time.

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