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Riviera Sounds

Riviera Sounds

French Riviera Web Design

Working With Riviera Sounds, A Boutique Entertainment Agency in Nice, France

Riviera Sounds is an entertainment company specialising in English speaking entertainment in France. Their clients range from destination wedding couples, large corporations, superyacht captains and intimate private parties, all sharing one common goal: to find the best English speaking entertainment France has to offer. Our goal was to build a clean, easy to navigate website showcasing the acts the agency have to offer. Building a site to rank quickly was our key goal here. With a relatively niche but highly lucrative audience, it was vital to get Riviera Sounds organic search results towards the top of Google page 1 for as many relevant keywords as possible. We focused on improving backlinks, started a regular blog, migrated the hosting onto our own, super fast cloud based server, designed a mobile friendly navigation, utilised Youtube for performance videos and backlinks and improved the overall user experience. In succeeding, the agency now receive 8 times more enquiries than with their previous website build, and received a return on their investment with us within the first two months.

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