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Website Design Agency London

Website Design Agency London
Website Design London

Web Design For Small & Medium Businesses

We Build Profitable, Engaging Websites Designed For Brand Building & Customer Loyalty

We offer bespoke website design for small and medium sized companies in the UK. Websites are far more than your window to the world. Over 94% of customers carry out extensive research online before making a purchase decision. It is vital to ensure that your website stands out from the noise, functions smoothly, builds trust and showcases your brand story in a manner fitting of your place in the market.

Our sites are hosted on dedicated cloud based servers for super fast performance and reliability

We build using the hugely popular and reliable WordPress content management system. Our expertise using this platform allows us to develop and optimise your website using a long term strategy

Our websites are always created with the client journey in mind. Our whole ethos is to place ourselves in the position of your prospective customers / clients to maximise engagement

We work in a transparent approach and treat our clients just as we would wish to be treated. We are always on hand by phone, email or chat to support throughout the build process and understand the importance of meeting deadlines

We Are Channel Creatives

More Than Just Web Design

Your Website Is Just The Start. We Offer So Much More.

Our experience and expertise in various creative sectors give us a strong advantage over other website design companies. Our knowledge across the board of digital marketing and creative media allow us to tailor solutions that go far beyond generic website builds. Our in house team of SEO experts mean our websites are fully optimised for search engine optimisation from the ground up. Once completed, our digital marketing team have over a decade of experience building profitable marketing campaigns with consistent branding and engaging advertisements. Finally, our creative media experience can create visually stunning photography and videography, motion graphics and graphic design that showcase every aspect of your brand in all its glory.

We have an incredible team of in house search engine optimisation experts, improving your brand visibility and boosting profits.

Competitor Analysis

When was the last time you ran a detailed competitor analysis for your brand? We collect vital intelligence designed to grow your company.

Connect to your customers on a more personal level and accelerate your online presence with our social marketing expertise.

Reportyng & Analysis

We gather and analyse marketing metrics to maximise future advertising decisions, performance and strategies.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is so much more than a nice new logo. Speak to us today about communicating your brand message consistently through your website, social sites, products and advertising.

We build profitable, engaging websites designed for brand building and customer loyalty. Our ethos is to build from a point of view of the client journey to maximise engagement and loyalty.

Our cloud based solutions are fast, efficient, fully managed 24/7, and run on SSD discs for optimal speed. We work with a team of dedicated security experts to prevent downtime and hacks.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are another fantastic way of telling your unique brand story. We create stunning in house animations and title sequences designed to captivate your prospective client.

Who do you build websites for?

The heart of our business is helping small independent brands to grow. Part of being a creative is finding new solutions to old challenges. We especially enjoy taking a company from the ground up and building their online presence over time. There's something incredibly exciting about being part of that journey.

What makes you different from other web design companies?

We don't just focus on the technical aspect of building a website. An online site is part of a much larger process. Success will only come online with a clear and targeted marketing plan, consistent branding and language throughout your social sites, engaging imagery, incorporation of storytelling video production, and a business plan that always has the customer in mind. We build incredible client experiences using our expertise in digital marketing. Having an in house Search Engine Optimisation team is a huge bonus for organic reach, and our Hosting and Support mean that once our initial work is finished, we're always there if you need assistance.  

Does your team build e-commerce websites?

Yes, we do. We are e-commerce experts and have over a decade of experience building online stores for a wide range of clients. Visit our Ecommerce Website Development page for more information.

What happens if my site goes down?

It is your decision on whether to host with us, or choose to host yourself. Keeping a website online, and safe from malicious attacks is hugely important for a variety of reasons, including organic search growth and brand trust. Click here for more information on our Website Hosting Packages

How do we update our site once completed?

Once our initial development work is finished, and you're happy with our work, we will offer a full consultation on how to maintain your site. If you prefer that we take care of any updates, at that point we quote on an hourly rate, depending on the length of work and level of technical difficult required.

We Are Channel Creatives
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Channel Creatives, 104 Agar Grove, Camden, London, NW1 9TY